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The Vordermann Approach

Vordermann is not just a service provider but rather a part of your team.
Instead of hiring one specialist in the field, you receive a whole network of experts to work with you and your team. Minimize the risk and costs associated of a wrong hire and be assured that if one of our experts for some reason is not available another one will pick up right where we left of. 

Avoid Wrong Hires

Avoid costly mistakes with hiring someone that does not fit into your team. 

VDM has several team members that work with your team.

Enrich your Skillset

Our experts do not only consult your team and help with the implementation of new strategies, but we also teach your team members how to do it themselves. 

Ease of 

People get sick, take vacations or quit. The team of VDM always backs each other up and you will not have to worry about your business standing still until you hire someone that fits into your team.

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